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Cassian Yee




T cell therapist. Because even T cells have issues... (cancer researcher, oncologist. biotechie, EUC & EV operator) “just another kalsarikänni day here WFH” ( DM to twitter @tcellsrus) BKI 🛫 YYZ 🛫 YWG 🛫 SFO 🛫 SEA 🛫 IAH Raised in 🇨🇦. Living in 🇺🇸 📍Houston Medical Oncologist Immunologist 25 years of research in T cell therapy Pioneered cell therapy modality known as Endogenous T Cell ( ETC) Therapy Happy to work with anyone anywhere to eliminate cancer and COVID 🌏🌍🌎🚫🦀🦠 💨🔥Link to shameless self-promotion : > ran some trials. invented some stuff. 🕺🏻Can juggle socks and moonwalk upon special request