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Tiffany Castagno




✨Transformative HR Curator of Culture. In your corner, helping Small to Mid-Sized Businesses engage and retain their employees and build strong Brands and cultures, helping people reach their top potential and find their Shine! 🌟 💫 🎤Host of #TheHROffice🏡- Your place for HR Q&A, support, & Thought Leadership 🧩🧠 🎤Co-Host of “Continuing the Race Conversation”- Fridays 12 EST (Follow #ContinuingtheRaceConversation on LinkedIn for content! Connect with me on LinkedIn: 🏢 I help organizations build infrastructures while creating strong Employer Brands and creating strong teams and cultures. ⭐️ I support employees and job seekers with finding their voice and confidence, and maximizing their potential. 🤩 I work with: 📍Start-ups 📍New Founders 📍Non-Profits 📍For-Profits 📍Individuals/Leaders for Coaching