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Tay Zonday




Chocolate Rain maker. Viral Star. Singer-songwriter. Voice actor. Activist. 🙏🏽1 million YouTube subscribers, seen in more than a billion views. 🙏🏽New York Times, Jimmy Kimmel, DrPepper, Intuit, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and 1,000+ other media outlet, brand and celebrity mentions. 🙏🏽Verified on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, Smule, TikTok, Discord, Spotify 🙏🏽YouTube OG 🙏🏽Cameo all-star. 🙏🏽Biracial. 🙏🏽Ex-Academic, Armchair Historian 🙏🏽Mental health advocate. 🙏🏽Neurodivergent. Autistic. 🙏🏽Occasionally on-camera (SAGAFTRA) 🙏🏽Reserved. Not always verbal. 🙏🏽Seattle, Formerly Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago 🙏🏽He/Him/His. Business: [email protected]