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Domestic & Foreign Policy Big problems don’t need bigger words, they need bigger understanding. Weekly Newsletter - Policy Out Loud ♣️ Policy Out Loud - Clubhouse Club Policy Out Loud is a group dedicated to discussing social, political, and economic issues from the view point of national and foreign policy. Our aim is to unpack discourse around these issues from both a regional and global perspective. Icon is the first at the bottom of my page - it’s a black circle with a face & continent watermark. 🎓 Masters in PS with focus in Policy. Research in how global systems effect children’s basic human rights. BA pre-law. Specialized in ethics & in cultural studies. Professional Writer certified. I write about the intersection of people + policy by simplifying complex Int/Nat policy so that readers can better understand and engage the systems they live in. The rest is all red wine and political banter. I am easily won over by hearing people’s personal stories, talking travel, or a good Mac n’ cheese recipe. Listen more, talk less. ✌🏼