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💙I help millennials of color learn to manage their diabetes in a way that’s unique and sustainable for them. I don’t know about you but as a WOC with type 2 diabetes I’ve been hit with every negative stigma possible. It’s exhausting. When I finally started digging into who I am and how I want my life and health to be, I realized that the typical diabetes management standard was never meant for me. As soon as I dropped them and starting managing based off of 𝓶𝔂 everyday needs things changed. You would think our medical system would support this but it doesn’t. Through my podcast Healing In Hindsight®️I talk through the good bad and down right ugly. There’s a lot of shit to sift through. Between rising medical costs and lack of support for cultural foods we dive into it all. Check out more at: 📲 @healinginhindsight to stay up to date 🎥 Join live episode recordings on YouTube every Monday @ 10 AM CST 🔁 Live episode replays available March 2023 🎧 Listen to past seasons anywhere that podcasts are available! 📬 email [email protected] for inquiries or collaborations ABOUT ME Hey there I’m Taylor Daniele (pronounced like Danielle)! I’m an ♑️ #Empath a proud ✊🏽 #Black & 🇹🇭 #Thai woman as well as a 📻 #Podcaster 👩🏽‍💻#Livestreamer and 👾 #Gamer. I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes in carving your own path. I’m the host of the Healing In Hindsight®️podcast: Your life with diabetes your way. But I’m more than just a diabetes advocate. As a former corporate trainer and customer service manager with 12+ years under my belt, I love creating content about staying true to yourself through the growing pains of entrepreneurship. From employee to business owner it’s a wild ride. When I want to relax you can catch me gaming on Twitch. Keep up with me wherever you feel drawn BTS of a multi-passionate entrepreneur 📲 @justtaylordaniele on IG & Tik Tok Diabetes Podcast 📲 @healinginhindsight on IG & YouTube Gaming and all things creative 📲 @electrixphoenix on Twitch & YouTube Happy moderate ✳️ on: 🎤 self love, confidence, & carving your own path 🎤 all things diabetes 🎤 living with a chronic illness 🎤racial inequality in health & wellness 🎤 WOC in gaming