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-Father to My Son FIRST, ✊🏽 MARVEL Sweatie @SuchaMarvelClub Produce All Funk Flex content (Radio/Freestyle Series+); Hot97 / Funk Flex YouTube Channel A Functioning Techie, a Hot97 Professional, a Lover of all things Geek/Nerdy and most importantly a good listener! Current-Past resume: -Produce a Radio Show at Hot 97 -All content that goes on Funk Flex Youtube Channel(we’re just getting started) -Big Techie -Digital Director for LitDigitalDJs(app in App Store & Google Play) πŸ™πŸ½ @Apppresser -Project Manager for RSquared Gaming & ShakeTheBlockGaming -Executive Producer for YoungUrbanMoms Podcast -CoHost of Twitstory Podcast (Keith Nelson Jr) -Relaunching(procrastinator) @fnTECHiES Podcast -Editor in chief -Past Writer for -tech writer for Straight Stuntin Magazine(Print) -Cannabis Consumer(prob should be higher up πŸ˜…)