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Coach | Activator | Disruptor How are people supposed to be good “leaders” if they can’t begin by leading their lives powerfully? Im in love with guiding visionaries & entrepreneurs to restructure & amplify their energy, heal themselves, chill the f out & release resistance and allow it all to ripple effortlessly in their business, relationships and love for life✨ I guide them into igniting their deepest creativity & wisdom, go WITHIN to cultivate magnetic energy & power 🔥 🌻 Mentor | Coach | Speaker | TruthSeeker ✨Fearless Leadership • Self Healing Mastery 🎧Podcast Host of Your Expansive Self 👽Breathwork & Meditation Teacher ✨No BS, no spiritually bypassing✨ - Claim your health & vibrant energy - Become a Sovereign Soul - Healing through play and pleasure - Tap into your own tools to recalibrate - Embody your magnetic self on the daily - Emotionally harmonize your body - Expand your mind, focus & productivity - Create CLEAR boundaries - Co create POWERFULLY - Connect to your deepest creativity - Lean in to your vision & impact 🐆CLIENT LOVIN 🐆: “She pushed me hard, but that’s what I love! Disclaimer!! If you are not willing to get out of your comfort zone, being called out on your B*S* (for the best reason/growth opportunity possible) then this is not for you! She is a FIERY powerhouse filled with knowledge and experiences! She is also hilarious!” - Dunia D. More on my web 🌵If everything is energy... why is money, business, impact, relationships different?! ITS NOT! 🌞 ALL healing starts in the consciousness - could you imagine what type of power is held in there ?! 🌞We are shifting REALLY fast into the new paradigm energetically and it’s important to align with it in order to thrive & flow. ✨Your outter reality is only a projection on your inner states ✨ FEATURED ON : 🍍 The MISCHO Podcast 🍍 Soul Food For Thought Podcast 🍍 INTENTIONELLE Podcast 🍍 Thrive and Shine Podcast JOIN MY TELEGRAM CHANNEL : Tasha Kredl Open for 1-1 coaching - email me at [email protected] or connect through insta 🌻 📍In Austin. TX for now