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Halicue Hanna




✨Holistic, Intuitive Tarot✨ I Demystify Tarot while Elevating + Electrifying the Tarot and Spirituality convo on Clubhouse! 💎💎💎 🔮🧿 Intuitive Tarot Advisor - Akashic Records Guide - More than the TOP Tarot reader on Clubhouse, I use Tarot to help YOU recover, heal and grow by leading you to the answers you need and deserve! 🧿🔮 Don't be shy! ☺️ Just slide on over to my IG to ↙️ 🗓 BOOK a Private Tarot session. 👩🏽‍🏫 LEARN Tarot w/ my signature courses. 🎙 LISTEN to my podcast: THE NEW HOODOO for weekly Tarot tips, insights and resources. ✨Utilizing ancient arts, spiritual practices and tools for success to embolden and empower the modern woman. 🦋 Guiding and supporting womxn as they escape, heal and recover from abusive relationships. 🛡Arming womxn & girls with tools to safeguard their mental, spiritual, and physical health 💪🏽15+ year experience as a domestic violence, sexual assault and reproductive health crisis counselor, program director and Trustee 👸🏽Creating a new generation of Tarot Queens: 100 Decks to 100 Girls in 2021 ✳️ CH Moderator + "Tarot Queen" of Clubhouse. ♣️ 🖤Creator of the TAROT POWER SOUL Club. 💻 Browse my Tarot offerings @ ⚡️Energetic Xchange/Venmo: @Halicue-Hanna ♌️🌞 ♐️🌕 ♉️⬆️ 5/1 Manifesting Generator 💃🏽 Afro Brazilian + Cuban dancer 🌿 Folk Herbalist-in-Training 🔮 Magic Mama 🌻 Witchy Wife 🧿 Eclectic Hoodoo 💚 Dartmouth College, Class of ‘94 🌎 Globe Trekker-60 countries so far 🗓 Booking a private Tarot session with me is a breeze! Just tap the smartbio👇🏽 link on my IG. 88416