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Tanya Pluckrose




🚀Paradigm Shifter 🚀Potentiality and Prosperity Coach 🚀Success and Wealth Creator 🚀Bob Proctor Mentee🚀 You know how entrepreneurs spend a fortune on coaching programs, marketing strategies, course on selling and on social media yet they never get a full ROI, attracting high quality paying clients and having a thriving business. 🆘I help them get a ROI by implementing the last missing piece and that is to stop doing certain things and start doing things in a certain way by setting their minds to success. 🔥🔥I am on a mission to help people unlock their God-given talents, step into their greatness, and realize their real potentiality. More about me: ✅I went from being a flight attendant for Qantas Airlines (Australia's national carrier) traveling the world to a multi-6-figure prosperity and potentiality mentor, coach, speaker, and trainer. ✅I am highly effective at showing people how they can be, do, and have anything they want by being in harmony with the universe's law with repeatable mindset system for success. ✅Featured in Proctor Gallagher's Matrixx. ✅I Shared Zoom rooms with the legendary Bob Proctor who has over 60 years of experience in human potential and success. ABOUT ME: 😼I am a mother of two blue-point Siamese, Sydney and Seraphina. 👭I am a twin, and yes, we finish each other's sentences. 🚵I am a risk-taker and love saying YES to opportunities, some make sense, and some don't. 🛫I have traveled the world for over 21 years. 🌎I have lived in 5 countries. 📕 I have three passports 🏩I love luxury, opulence, and the finer things in life. 5 ways revolutionize yourself for 2021: ⭐Have a goal worthy of your life. ⭐Close the knowing/doing gap. ⭐Create a new paradigm about you and your life. ⭐Use your higher faculties more than your five senses. ⭐Create a self-image that matches your goals. ✅I am here on clubhouse to network and share my mindset tricks and tips to inspire, elevate, motivate and show those who are sick and tired of getting the same old results how to replace their yearly income as their monthly income, take a quantum leap in their results, and collapse time, effort and strategize. I host rooms on: 🔊Prosperity consciousness 🔊Self-image 🔊Selling by understanding the mindset of the buyer 🔊Auto-suggestion 🔊Paradigms 🖊DM me to learn about how to set your mind for success Connect with me here: [email protected]