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*Child of God *Prayer Warrior*🙏🏽🖐🏽 *#Talk #Host #Moderator #Converse *Host The Talk with T.Renee Mathis 🎤 *Producer/Host Actors Life: the Series🎤 *Actress *Entrepreneur💪🏽 *TSU Grad *Leftie *December Baby *Born in the D* Residing in NYC 🎙📞💡Passionate about Colon Cancer Awareness ***************************************** 2020 Tried to Kill Us! Let’s Boss Up! *I am a Wellness and CBD Distributor *Hemp non THC* ✅Build Up your Immune System 💥StayHealthy 💥StaySafe 💥StayDangerous💥 ✅Zelle: [email protected] ✅$ Cash App: $TTRay313 ✅PayPal: [email protected] ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Why the Oxzygen Brand🤔 1️⃣I have been passionately, searching👁for products, that would strengthen the immune system, assist with chronic pain and inflammation. 2️⃣👬🏿Since my brother died of colon cancer and my father of diabetes and kidney failures 3️⃣ 🥊Its helped my depression, anxiety and knee pain🔚 4️⃣ The products work! 🔚 ✅Build Up your Immune System! Stay 🦠 Virus Free and Be Healthy, The OXGEN Brand 🔛 Website: 🖐🏽I would LOVE to help you!❤️ ✔️Hemp non-THC products✔️ ♦️Got Pain❓Can’t Sleep❓🔷 •inflammation, *chronic pain *joint pain •diabetes, •high blood pressure, •cancer, •lupus, seizures, •MS, •anxiety, •depression, •nicotine addiction, •need to lose weight etc (as always check with your physician as I make no medical claims) 📱IG Account-iamtreneemathis💻 💥It’s a new account; former account was hacked 💥And no I can’t seem to automatically add it to CH 🤷🏽‍♀️ (help) 🖐🏽Feel free to keep up with me there as wellp