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Jan Jan the Marker was born in 🇭🇰 moved to 🇬🇧 and now living in 🇪🇸 ..spaceship in the future Serious Maker • Fast learner • Problems remover • Dreamer • Time traveler 🧳 Hard learning in this NFT 🖼 world Creator in all kind • Ex graphic designer and products development in Hk Ex wardrobe stylist in London Now ➡️Maker in Barcelona..... Building and learning 🔂 Textile print designer Visual Graphic design resolve … Brand Strategy for start-ups, Sustainable, manufacturing. Or Just an easy simple landing page that might need 📍 .... many ex ... 😂😂... come in to ask me in Person 🤨🥸 One of the artist /271 in “Searchlight Artist Pool” 好啦 由香港搬去•倫敦•西班牙•現居巴塞隆拿 的自由藝術工作者👩‍🎨打雜 🥸就比較小說話但又好想用口水浸死你😝所以開咗個CLUB比藝術創作人吹吹水 請大家遠離是非之地。清者自清地做自己。⋯⋯正面分享😘 ~~>✳️Club•🟢Creative• Art Design<~~ Open platform for creative to share their thoughts 💭 大家吹水拉近D距離呀⋯⋯ Pls come to join us to get closer with ppl from the world 🌎 Cantonese . English . Chinese ~~>✳️Club•🟢Design Philosophy ~~>✳️Club•🟢訂你一齊分享 Amazing Thai ~~>✳️Club•🟢西人•西事•西班牙 ✌🏻•大自然祖母真藝歌C9•✌🏻