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⭐️Celebrity Interviewer🎤 🏆Pres. Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Awardee 🏆8X Award Winning Talk Show Host 💰CEO of The Profitable Podcaster Agency 📺TV Show/Podcast Developer /Producer 📻 Owner of IHeart Radio Station “ Power Me Up Radio Talk 24/7 🎙️Executive Producer of…. ➡️The Profitable Podcaster Show ➡️ Amazing Women Of Power Podcadt Network ➡️ Raven International TV Network ➡️ Careers From Home TV 🌏 CEO of Raven Intl. Media Empire {🙅🏽‍♀️My Story} 🎤 Podcaster since 2006/ Created my 1st show “Women Power” at the age of 55 in the ICU of Methodist hospital while waiting for my mom to get well . One day while at the hospital I jumped on a conference call...and heard the host say that the "Quickest Way To Be An Expert Is To INTERVIEW Experts" - WOW that statement changed my life tremendously! ♦️Some AMAZING ways my life has changed that's allowed me the blessing of changing others lives worldwide... 🏆Voted 1️⃣ of Founder Magazines 🔝 100 Founders To Follow in 2021 🎤Podcast Magazine Music Columnist ( if you have a Music related podcasts be sure to reach out to me) 🏆Recipient of the Global Women Leadership Award 🏆The Giant Community Leader Award 🎸Rockstar Radio Host Of The Year 🏆8 X Talk Show Honoree 📖 #1 International Bestseller author/creator/publisher of the 1st anthology book featuring over “50” talk show hosts and their "best guest" INTERVIEWS 💥What I Do💥 host and produce several podcast/TV shows on our world wide networks where I currently mentor over 35 host and twenty 10X visibility agents in our (Profitable Podcaster Agency) ▶️ Book a Free “ Best Next Move” breakthrough session w/me @ ❤️My passion❤️ is teaching armature or frustrated podcaster my proven system on how they can immediately start making professional income...without having a lot of listeners or the hassle of building and filling digital and coaching programs or the fantasy of getting sponsors. 🔔 Follow me & Hit the Bell to get notice on my other CH rooms like.. 🎤The Essential Keys To Monetizing Your Podcast Fast! 🎤How To Turn Your Free Guest Into PAID Clients Who'll Invest Over & Over Again-Cha-Ching! 🎤Transitioning Your Free Podcast Into A Money- Making Multichannel TV Series 👉🏽 Follow me here on CH or ✍🏽email 📧me@♦️[email protected] *** My websites 🖥 🌍 🎤 Thanks so much for stopping by and.... 🙏🏽 Please Stay Safe & Healthy🙏🏽