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JoLanda Rogers




JoLanda Rogers, MAEd, LPC-IT, MAPC Soul Healing Counselor. Publisher. Speaker. Mental Health Advocate. As a multiple six figure revenue generator and the founder of T.A.L.K. Consulting, LLC. I believe Kairos awaits when you make a decision to T.A.L.K. T.A.L.K. means TELL your story - ACCEPT your truth - LEARN your identity - KNOW your strength. I know what it’s like to experience trauma... complex trauma... that can take years to resolve. I also know the joy of healing, the freedom of forgiving, and have fully embraced my purpose to show others how to do the same. As an author and publisher, I’ve perfected a system to take writers to published authors without the stress and overwhelm in 90-days. For me, it’s always about the healing. Healing matters. You matter. Visit me at or