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🎭 AP TALENT MANAGEMENT 🎬 UK,EU & International clients 🔥TOGETHER WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN 🔥 Over two decades of industry knowledge and skills encompassing Celebrity management and specialising in the VVIP sector. 🌟SPOTLIGHT REGISTERED AGENT 🌟Breast cancer survivor and advocate of cancer awareness .. 🌟Gut health speaker and awareness coach 🧑‍🎨 Fine artist and published illustrator. @pipclaireart 👩‍🍳Personal Chef, Cordon Bleu Trained , Michelin standard.( happy, female version of Gordon Ramsey !!!!) 🐎 Experienced Stunt horse rider and professional equestrian rider. 💕Single 🍷 Wine enthusiast CH Rooms : pips pop ups 🙋‍♀️👋🍷🥳. 👏🥳❤️ Email : [email protected] WEB: www.aptalent 😳 BE HONEST - BE KIND - BE YOURSELF AND SMILE 😃