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Takisha Carter




***Align your actions with your intentions*** ♑️☀️♍️🌙♉️🌠 NECANN 2022 Connecticut Cannabis Activist Of The Year Award Winner Ministress of Cannabis 👑 Goddess in Creativity 💫 🚨Women are not the problem, we are the answer🚨 Roles I fulfill in this realm: Wife Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Teacher, Healer ✅️Certified Cannabis Advocate ✅️Certified Cannabis Health Coach ✅️Certified in herbal formulations and herbal aphrodisiacs ✅️Natural Hair and Skin Care specialist ✅️Licensed Cosmetologist ✅️Ordained Minister ✅️Author of "Recover From H. Pylori Naturally" 🌱Budding Certified Ganjier Connect with me about all things: Cannabis Health Cannabis Dosing Cannabis Infusions Cannabis Flower Assessment Cannabis Advocacy Cannabis Education Herbal Formulations Women's Wellness Motherhood Gut Health Mindfulness Inner Peace Self Care Self Mastery Crafting Homeschooling IG: @nativenubianwellness @blackwomenwhoblaze Https://