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Tabitha-Anne Arteta




#OShaeSibley Black/Afro-Latine. 🇨🇴🇯🇲 NYC Native. 🗽 Activism and Advocacy is What I Do. Birthday: 02-02 💜 Aquarius Founder and Creator of the Houses: 🖤 An Ode to Solange 🖤 BeyGOOD Hive 🖤 Casa de la Diáspora 🖤 Do It For The Vine Africana Studies. Phi Theta Kappa. Hablo español. Parlo italiano. BEYHIVE. #BeyGOOD she-her-elle-they-them **the term “Afro-Latinx/e/a/o” refers to Black people in Latin America or are from Latin America. Latin America includes Brasil, Haiti, Belize and several other islands + countries in the region. Afro-Latinx means Black.**