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🩺Primary Midwife Under Supervision (SWTC ‘24) 🫂Certified Birth and Bereavement doula #BlackDONADoula 👩🏽‍💼 Owner of Tabby the Doula LLC 🤱🏾Community Lactation Educator 🤰🏽vaginal/VBAC/Cesarean Birth Advocate 🙋🏽‍♂️Advocate for Confident Fathers in the Birth Space 📍DFW and beyond 📚Evidence Based Pro Member 👸🏽Commandment Keeper 💪🏽Gingerly putting culture vultures in their place 👫🏽“To declare war against the black man is to declare war against me” -sista Soulja ⚜️Radically involved in changing the narrative of mental, maternal, and prenatal health for BIPOC and decreasing the maternal mortality rate in my community ⚜️ 🔆Donate to my Midwifery Journey 🔆 ⚡️Fanbase: Tabbythedoula 👤Tabby the Doula LLC 📸 Tabby_the_doula_LLC