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Sylvia Farbstein




🗣Momager | Impact Driven Speaker Promotional Branding Message Amplifer 🎤 Mom and Manager of 22 year old professional speaker, author and Gen Z world changer Brandon Farbstein (@farbstein) 😎 The promo industry lead my son to the TEDx stage - ask me how❗️ 🧐 I work with people and organizations who want to leverage the power of curiosity in order to create out-of-the-box solutions 📕 A Kids About Self-Love is a life-changer 🔮 When you change how you see yourself, you see how you change #ElevateEmpathy ♣️🏠club founder for empty nesters: Season3: Kids Fly Now What ✳️ Impactful Moderator Fun Facts: 👩‍❤️‍👨 I was my husband’s blind date #95 🧘🏻‍♀️TM Meditator 🔥 Firewalker (Tony Robbins UPW) 👩🏼‍🎓 Proud Alum: NYU Stern School of Business The best part of this life season is embracing that we are all imperfectly perfect and unique. Once we see that in ourselves, we find the treasures in the people and places around us ♥️ I Strive to Lead by: ⚡️Making our uniqueness our superpower 🧠 Navigating uncertainty with CURIOSITY not fear 🤓 Widening the lens through which we see our world 📚 Being a lifelong learner 💎 Becoming a lifelong provider of value 😍 Making one soulful connection at a time Let’s Collaborate: 🎤 Speaker: clients include YPO Keynote Topics Include: 🌟 how to lean into the unknown 🌟 innovate our own solutions 🌟 raise resilient children 🌟 navigate a child’s rare medical condition 🌟 create a purpose-driven entrepreneurial path 🎙Podcast Guest 💫 unique parenting journey 💫 abundant growth mindset 💫 embracing the unknown 💫 turning pain into purpose 🧩 Create memorable promotions with Branded SWAG 🔗 Let’s connect on LinkedIn ⬇️ DM me and change how you see