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Sonya Harris




📚Published Author, 🎤Public Speaker 🔥Faith Igniter🔥Empowerment/Encouragement/ and Inspiration‼️ ***Be Encouraged ***Be Inspired *** Be Empowered*** Clubs I Moderate in: Worshipping WarRoom ✳️ Worship WarRoom Sat 8pm CT ✳️ 🔥POWERFUL Encounters 🔥w the Living God “Never Forgotten” When we know, like we know, that we know, that it was God‼️ Wednesday’s @ 7pm CT 🇺🇸 Book.... 📘Powers & Impressions “Never Forgotten” ⚡️It’s a Faith Fueler!!! ♥️ Believer in Christ - ✅Super Power is Teaching Faith & Practical Application of Gods Word❣️ 💡Specializing in encouragement, inspiration and empowerment‼️ 👋 My deepest passion is helping others grow, learn and step into their passions and live their dreams. ♥️🔥My desire is to teach people how they can use their own gifts, both spiritual & natural‼️ _________________________________ 💻 Techie 20 plus years in Legal Technology / e-discovery /Large Scale Litigation / application & database management, data mining, analysis and reporting / enterprise technology training in the legal industry. _________________________________ 😎 Entrepreneur! 📌 📍Consultant-Offer data solutions for small businesses & individuals. I specialize in helping centralize, analyze and make best use of data in systems, reducing data redundancy and increasing efficiencies for best practices. 💡📈 I work with small businesses to help them learn to use applications that fit their business ideas through analysis of current platforms and training initiatives. _________________________________ 📍Startup - Empowerment...Helping people to become empowered in various areas of their lives. 🔥**Goal** To help communities & small businesses maximize the use of our service offerings. _________________________________