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Sybil Bull




Sybil Bull - Empowering Women for Emotional and Purposeful Living 🌟 **As a Coach & Mentor:** - I guide ambitious women towards emotional wellness and purpose-driven lifestyles. - Cultivating meaningful life experiences is my forte. 🌐 **Entrepreneurial Ventures:** - Founder & CEO of Symphony Body Products: Crafting skin products with rich, harmonious ingredients. [] - **Author:** "Just Appetizers - Small Principles for Life's BIG Hunger." Discover more at [] Visionary Leader: Over 25 years of transforming organizations with innovative strategies. πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ **Personal Life:** - Proud wife and mother of seven adults, and a delightful GiGi. - Born in Jamaica, raised in Canada, and now calling Delaware home. - A fervent fashion enthusiast and an avid book lover. πŸ“’ **Community Contributions:** - **SHE Speaks & SHE Rules Academy:** Empowering young women (18-30) and activating women to harness their authority and superpowers. - **Keynote Speaker:** Delivering motivational and inspirational talks. - **SHE Rules Club:** A platform for women's empowerment. πŸ™ **Personal Beliefs & Certifications:** - Devoted faith leader. - Certified Coach and Consultant. πŸ”— **Let's Connect:** - Facebook: [@iamsybilbull]( - Support via Cash App: $iamsybilbull - For more, visit: []