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The original SX, love & tech thot leader of sex technology Sxnoir.eth 📍President of @thewomenofsextech ❤️ Pom mom to Lucy Noir 🎤Host, Thot Leader Pod 🌈 Queer, femme, part time brat 😌 🤖 AI, humanoid, sex tech, virtual human, legislation, simulation enthusiast, crypto, metaverse, blockchain, Ethereum This is my corner of the simulation. I dare you to join me. What is sex tech? I’ll answer... only if you make a room with me 😌 😈 @sxnoir $sxbrat It’s time to change the world. Get in or get out of the way ! Featured in: ID Mag | Hacking Hustling | Mashable | Refinery 29 | Motherboard | Rolling Stones | Bitch media | EFF | Ethels Club | Daily Beast | Columbia University | Vice | Tryst | BBC | Daily Dot | AAWW | The Face Mag| NBC | Indie Mag | rewire