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Marisa Sweeney




Climate, Energy, & Sustainability Investor GenerateCapital* ♻️⚡️🔌 ~fun facts and achievements~ 💎 Winner of 2010 Award for Best Costume @ Baldwin Senior High School Senior Halloween Party 👯‍♀️ Once danced on stage with Katy Perry to a rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 🤣 Despite Climate Change being a literal existential threat to humanity, making room for laughter and joy is critically important to me 🌊🦁 Stan and hype woman of Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) ⚡️ Co-Pres at Young Professionals in Energy- SF Bay Area🌁 💚 proud Binghamton Alum ~ bringing that NY state of mind to CA (and state school hu$tle) *Views expressed on CH are mine and mine alone (and specifically not endorsed by my employer Generate Capital). **Random rooms that I’m in don’t necessarily reflect my views; I am just super nosy and Clubhouse is an eavesdropper’s dream (not sure if this needs to be said, but there ya go!)