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Suzy Lins




❇️ Manners Maven who educates about manners and etiquette on TikTok and IG to help you gain confidence to master social situations ❇️ If you crossed Miss Manners with Dear Abby I’d be their younger sister 😂 Looking for co-moderators for my club “Manners Still Matter” to have conversations around etiquette and manners from all cultural perspectives. 💻Communications Director 🎶TikTok Creator 💙Etiquette Enthusiast 📘Children’s Book Author ❤️Wife, Mom, Grannie 🏃‍♀️Runner 🐈Jack the Cat’s Mom 🌭Hot Dog Lover • Communications Director for CENTURY 21 Discovery real estate firm where I strategize, implement & analyze all our communication platforms. • Teaching manners & etiquette on TikTok from a western cultural perspective to help you gain confidence to master social situations. I break manners & etiquette down into easy to understand tips. • Wrote a book about manners for young children. • Love learning & talking about social media & how it can help connect with your community. I’m passionate about kindness & manners. Please be polite or you’ll be asked to leave 😉 @suzydotsays on TikTok Book: The Eti-Cats - Polite Cats Who Know That Manners Matter Brand Ambassador for She’s Birdie personal safety alarm Use Discount CODE: SUZY.SAYS10 🏡 Orange County, CA #mannersstillmatter #istaycurious