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Susanne N.




Recovering executive; IP/business attorney currently w/ a global tech consulting company. From student (20 yrs) to Federal Ct extern, to lawyer & executive (13 yrs @ law firm & Sun) to stay at home mom (7 yrs) to present. Best overall job = Mom 🗣 pronounced “SuZ-Zann” 📍 CA; grew up in Bay Area b4 Silicon Valley 💍 married for 25 years (NOT single) **see below 🏫 UCLA, SCU law ❎ Donahue, Sun Microsystems, Accenture, current 🐱🐕🐩 owner Stand w/ 🇮🇱 & equality for all 🏳️‍🌈 💔Heart broken 💔 over what’s happening in Ukraine 🇺🇦. ** I’m married. I will only entertain leaving my husband for you if my ♣️🏡 brother Shashank instructs me to😅 Love sports - diehard Niner, Giant & Warriors fan Love to learn. Teach me something and I’ll follow you Taking a break from sharing any other personal info on ♣️🏡 ✅ Intimacy per Renee Reisch = into me I see… ✅ Listen - rearrange the letters & you get silent ✅ Trust your gut ✅ Don’t judge a book 📖 by its cover ✅ Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference ✅ My time is my most valuable asset, don’t waste my time ✅ Live in the present, remember the past and dream about the future 😎 automate, elevate, delegate & eliminate (thanks to someone I heard in ♣️🏡 on 1/24) Per Sami - Educate, Motivate, Empower & Tolerate Per Bryan each one of us has time, talent or treasure #BreaktheBias I’m on ♣️🏡 for intellectual stuff & entertainment not to build a business or benefit my career. Remember it just takes one…the power of one. 💥☝️💖 My favorite people I’ve met on ♣️🏡…people that I hope will always be on my bus 🚌: * Tina B * Jennifer RK * Shashank ♣️🏡 friends I’ve mey in person: Tina Dawn Christine Solmaz Maxwell Tom Noel Jennifer S (heck she’s not a new friend!) + about 15 more ***Anything I say is just my own opinion and does not represent any one or company except myself. In addition, no conversation that I have on ♣️🏡 creates an attorney-client relationship*** LIFE IS FRAGILE 😢💖😢 May your memory be a blessing Chris Jung…you made a huge difference in this world.