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Suzi Katz (Kates)




Published author, screenwriter, fencing 🤺 mom, social justice activist, dog and cat lover. Life-long learner, working out, eating healthy, volunteer, Boston Bruins. “Giving to the community is more important than anything you can give yourself.” Author a life revealed • May 24, 2022 Hiding in the Open • 2024 Autobiography of Darryl Williams (release TBD) Founder and President, Suzi Katz Books Best author moment: seeing someone buy my book in Barnes and Noble. MS in Sport Business Management, Northeastern University BS Communication/Media - Technical Writing, Fitchburg State College •Founder, Pat Carter Winter Festival •Volunteer and Board Member CF Miracle League •Volunteer Salvation Army’s Women and Children’s Living Center •Coordinator and Volunteer, Hope for Stanley, rebuilding homes in communities hit hard by natural disaster •First recipient of the FSC Alumni Leadership Award •Named one of Orlando’s “Fifty Finest Single Professionals” by Orlando Magazine and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for Volunteerism •Named as a Sports Ethics Fellow for Community Service •writer •editor •creater •fundraising 💰 •special events planner (inc. Corporate) 🍾 •conference coordinator •contract negotiator 📝 •marketing and communications📱 •virtual event producer •self-publisher •community service “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along.” Maroon 5