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Susan Barnes




Multidisciplinary Strategist + Creative πŸ’‘ Alchemist within the Healing Arts 🌱 Supportive of initiatives that: πŸ“Ώ Guide + facilitate the evolution of humanity (expansion of awareness | obsolete harmful systems) 🌍 Regenerate our Earth Let’s talk about πŸ—£ Cultivating inner peace Patterns: personal + societal The world we are building together Our connection to Nature How to be in right relationship with Life Identity Meditation Well-being Communication that brings us closer Emergent intelligence Group dynamics Healing from within Whole systems awareness I have been named 🌸 Renaissance Woman Mastermind Matriarch of the Earth Healer Fountain of Wisdom Oracle Mystic I Am ✨ Purveyor of Peace Advisor Speaker Teacher Subconscious Guide Artist @susanbarnes on The Pattern