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Junaid Ahmed




We’re all here to tell our transformation 🎬 Homestudio Mastery: Look Your Best 🎙Host of Hacks & Hobbies podcast Father of 4 Kiddos 👶 On the podcast Hacks & Hobbies, I started the podcast to document my beekeeping journey, as I shared about my journey, I got curious and invited hobbyists, inventors, entrepreneurs, actors, producers, directors about their journey to success. I started to see the pattern and now I’ve got stories to share for days. Following my own passions for tech, film and photography, I transformed my home office into a home studio which enabled me to show up on even more stages. I help others in creating their amazing personalities to be camera ready. But still the hardest thing we all face is the ability to speak our stories. Creating content on YouTube to teach the tools and how to integrate them in your life with simplicity. 📱UX Designer 👨‍💻 with 20 years of experience, building enterprise and mobile applications. Backed over 260 kickstarter projects Invested in 10+ startups Just because we have a story, doesn’t mean we’re not going to have yet another story 🚴‍♂️ Cyclist 🐝 Beekeeper 🪑Woodworker 🎙 Podcaster 👨🏻‍💻 Designer 🎞 Filmmaker 🎭 Actor 🎥 Producer DM me on my Instagram 👇