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JFK (NaijaErrandGirl)




📍PLEASE COME HERE CORRECT! 🎯Founder of ComfortPlaceWithJFK and LifeStyleAnglesWithJFK (Support Circle Safe Habour). 🎯I am not for Everyone and Everyone isn't for Me and that's okay! 🎯Serving & Giving Values through my Virtues! 🎯I'm a fertile ground, Invest in Me. You can sow a seed and you'll reap it well. 🎯 Everything will be Okay in the end, if it's not okay; then that isn't the end at all. 🎯Do what works for You but make sure you're doing it for You. 🎯Niceness is not a Fruit of the Spirit. 🎯Refrain thy foot from thy neighbour's house, lest he be weary of thee! 📍ClubHouse and every Correct Person's HypeGirl 📍Future First Female Governor of Kogi State. 📍 Soldier of the Supernatural Army 📍All Good Things (Romans 8:28) 📍Je suis une Nigérienne 📍Not your Regular Normal BabyGirl 📍 First Grandchild 📍 Anointed JFK™ 📍♌😊🥰 📍EXTRAordinary QueenBee of 🤍💜💙💡with a sprinkle of vayolense, Groove & Savage Sarcasm 📍Ọmọ Oba 📍 Fikayomi ọmọ Kayode 📍Abuja Preacher'sKid 📍French & Korean Food & Language Lover 📍Lover of Gourmet Food 📍The No 1. Pancake Girl 📍Hiker (Mountain Climber) 📍Jagajaga dancer 📍Available to Travel for Groove and Business (Travelling is my Hobby) 📍Òkun BushGirl (Ijumu) 📍Chef of OunjeAmuludun 📍OAP & Podcaster 📍Environmental Information and Enforcement Officer in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria (Public Servant). 📍 Hospitality Services Provider 📍Goofy singer that can't hold a note for long (not maximizing my Voice's full potential) 🎯 Personal IG: @jfkindulgence 📌We Run Errands covers EVERYTHING ERRAND! 📍Personal Shopper 📍School runs/Chaperoning 📍Market runs 📍Ordering, Buying and Selling 📍Third-party business Connect 📍Pickup and Delivery 📍Housekeeping/Janitorial Services 📍Catering/Events/Food deliveries 📍Surprises & Love packages/Lovers Drop-off delivery 📍Laundry and Dry cleaning 📍Shipping (import &export) 🎯If you can imagine it, think it and say it; SuperErrandGirl can do it💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️. Twitter/IG: @we_runerrandz