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Evangelist R. Stephens




Education and Career : Ordained Licensed Evangelist -BS Criminal Justice Administration -MS Counseling and Development Retired Educator: West Orange Cove CISD. PURPOSE: Winning Souls for Christ- Transaction Coordinator Specialist for millions of dollars in real estate transactions throughout Texas. Lead Manager Trainer with Top performance; generating over 100 leads a month. - Quality money generating leads for top profit- Position acquisition managers to achieve profits of no less than 15K a deal - Top ability to qualify only money generating leads -Proven ability to build multi million dollar real estate wholesaling businesses. - Extensive real estate investment knowledge ranging from creative financing to wholesaling, lead generating, acquisition to disposition and transactions- Focus is in helping new wholesalers build wealth. Mentee and proud mother of Housebuyingbrian - Building wealth and changing lives!!!! Email : [email protected] Phone: 409-779-9068 Cash App: $RSsunny