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Summer Bozohora




Founder of the Alchemical Wisdom School of Mind-Body Medicine & Soul Development. ✨ Community Builder - Sacred Relationship Facilitator 💕 📚 Author of Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing & Living Your Best Life. Silver WINNER 🥈 in Self-Help & Spirituality Categories in 2021 Pacific Book Awards 🥳 📕 DOWNLOAD Audio or PDF: ✨ I help YOU heal YOU from the INside-OWT by bridging 🧬Quantum Science & Ancient Egyptian Alchemical Wisdom/Shamanism for 21st Century Healing. It is a collective time of awakening.🙌🌎🙏. Community & Connection are imperative. The key 🔑 in Our 🌍Healing ❤️‍🩹 is authentic community, Heart-Centered Sharing & Vulnerability. Founder of Shamans Healing Sanctuary club. Follow glowing heart ♥️ icon (1st at bottom) Weekly: Tuesdays 12 pm MST ✳️ Natural Vision 👁 Improvement 🍃 Weekly: Thursdays 11:00am MST ✳️ Intuitive Self-Healing Circles. Self-EMPowered Healing through Ancient Alchemical Wisdom. Shamanism & Mindbody topics for Life/Health/❤️‍🩹 Weekly: Fridays 10:00 am MST ✳️ REAL Relationships: 🧩 Intimacy, Alchemy✨ & Healing 🕊with Summer & Andre *No Rooms August & Dec 15-30. 🎬 YouTube Channel: Intuitive Self-Healing with Summer Bozohora I work with soul searchers who are: ✅ Life-long learners. ✅ Ready to take risks ✅ Know there is more than the surface of a symptom or diagnosis ✅ Want to learn the emotional, energetic & spiritual patterns behind symptoms. ✅ Frustrated by medical model ✅ Experience in NLP, energy work, EMDR, EFT, access bars, Emotion Code & want MORE ;) ✅ Use chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and/or Reiki for self-care & want to go deeper/wider. ✅ Empaths, Intuitive’s, Counsellors, Healers, Coaches, Nurses, Therapists, & Reiki Masters etc. ⬇️PROGRAMS: 🌎Soul-Truth Academy year long community of support in Intuitive Self-Healing ❤️ Custom Healing Mentorship Programs. 💜 Courage to Heal: Professional Certification in INside-OWT as a Mind-Body Medicine Educator. ⬇️ INSIDE: 🎨 Past Professional Acrylic Artist & Instructor 📜Masters Degree in Theology, specializing in Spirituality & Mind-Body Medicine ❤️ Mom of a tenacious 18 year old 🦀 Cancerian 🌈 Enraptured by colour 🐬 Spirit Animal 🐆 Power Animal (Jaguar) 🔥 Desire to live the divine feminine. 💃🏻 Dancing makes me feel alive 🎶 Wish to sing & harmonize with you 💓 🛼 Energized by rollerblade-dancing 🌊 Calmed by the Ocean ⬇️ CONNECT:👇🏻