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Mary Sullivan




Ex Financial Executive turned Entrepreneur to help women through their career transformation. Focusing on frontline managers who want to level up! 🎓Join Career Transformation Academy, our membership program and create your personalized career roadmap today! Clubhouse LinkedIn discussions 📝Content Creator 🔎Podcaster 😊Instructor 🔥Mentor ♥️Corporate Leader 💯#IamRemarkable Gold Facilitator😀 👩‍💼Career Transformation Specialist 🎾Tennis Enthusiast Have lived in: 💃San Juan, PR ☀️Phoenix, AZ 🔔 Philly, PA 🏝Miami, FL 🍇 Stockton, CA 🍣 Seattle, WA 🍗 Kansas City, MO 🇪🇸 Madrid, Spain CH. Sweet but Fearless 06976 [email protected]. Sweetbutfearless/podcast 👉Download your Career Check , a SWOO Analysis Sweet but Fearless serves women through their career transformation due to their desire to level up, change industries, or bouncing forward from a job loss. We provide a supportive community, tools and tactics to add clarity, and confidence throughout the career transformation. We do this so they can gain financial security, job satisfaction, and peace of mind.