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🔥 Host of HotMessMonday ✨ Ultimate Life Tool Practitioner 💛 Digital Strategist for Love & Light Workers 📱 Social Media Life: Worked on lifestyle campaigns and ambassadorships with: Nintendo • Invisalign • Verizon • Ford • Vicks • Harley-Davidson • Kodak • Stella Artois • 💜 I help practitioners of light and love grow their audiences and get their messages out to the world! Need my help with your digital marketing? Book a discovery call @ 🔥 HotMessMonday is a live weekly chat (every Monday at 12 Pac) where we find the messages in the mess. Latinx 🇲🇽 she/her/ella 📍Oceanside, San Diego 🌱 Plant Medicine Promoter 🌿 Manifesting Generator ✨ ENFP Taurus sun ♉️ Cancer rising ♋️ Leo moon ♌️ Love is medicine. Let’s connect!👇🏽 TikTok: iamsugarjones