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Karína Solomon




❤️‍🩹Relationship/Intimacy Makeovers♥️ 🙌🏼My mission is to help men and women design juicy lives after divorce or breakup so they’re excited to feel love, meaning and belonging in their next chapter. Author: 📗Sexy, Sassy & Starting Over 📘Hitchhiking to Kathmandu ⚡️Founder: Men, Sex & Money® A Conversation for Women 👠Image/Style Consultant ~ transforming men & women from the inside out ~~~~~~~~~~~ 📲 BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION with Karen: —- if you are open to hiring a mentor ⤵️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🔥 ⬆️ Juicy Dating tips for singles 🔥 💥 🔥 💥 Click ⤴️ to join 870 members! ~~~~~~~~~~~ 🧐Enneagram: Type 4 🌷Meyers-Briggs : ENFP ♈️Aries ♏️Scorpio rising ♋️ Cancer moon 🤔HD: 1/3 emotional generator ❤️Languages: Touch & Quality Time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🎙Open, willing, experienced, and fun podcast guest!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🇫🇷 Born in France; 1st 14 months of life in the back of a VW bug traveling Europe 🇮🇹🇩🇪 🚌Grew up in the Boston ‘burbs 🍋1st lemonade stand, age 7 😏First time stoned, age 14 at a ☮️ rally in Boston 🇮🇱Summer on a kibbutz, age 16 🇳🇵Hitchhiked from Munich to Kathmandu with my boyfriend at age 18 (gap year!) 🎓BS Education, credentialed K-6 teacher, minor in counseling University of Vermont 👩🏻‍🏫Taught middle school in Northern Vermont 🌉Relocated to SF Bay Area in 80’s 🌊San Diego now - it’s warmer!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🙏Grateful 2 X breast cancer survivor 🎀Provide pro-bono advocacy for women experiencing cancer 🌳Proud member and donor of The Pachamama Alliance ( 🙌Successful long marriage and amicable divorce 👵🏼Love the two little guys who call me Grammy Karen ♥️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Venmo: Karen-Solomon-3 ✈️⛷⛵️🌴🏓 🎶 46577