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Kyle Schember



friends 🖤 Featuring “Seeker” from Astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor the first black female pilot of a spacecraft. “Seeker” is a limited edition NFT featuring the art work and poetry of Dr. Proctor, music from Test Shot Starfish, and animated by Cory Shaw (BUILDESTROY) <—- link for the drop Introducing “Muttniks” from Cosmic Paws an NFT collection celebrating our 4 legged friends that paved the way for the future of space exploration. “Laika” launches 🚀 July 22nd. Developed a truly random generator platform. Ask me about it ! Co-founder of Subtractive Inc. Creative production company in Santa Monica, California. Half of the artist Test Shot Starfish #musicforspace FIRST NFT! Producer of Music & Film, Space Enthusiast 🚀