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Gevezelik, cahilin kalkanıdır. Bir yere kadar ona acırım; dinleyenlere asla. (inan yılmaz - 26/10/2021) 🔱 Multidisciplinary Human Everything is thanks to you. ATATÜRK. 🙏 Education: Hacettepe University Fine Art Faculty / Graphic Design (BFA) / Ceramic Arts (Drop-out) Haliç University Industrial Design (Master of Science) Anadolu University Sociology (BA) Istanbul University Philosophy (2021-Continue) Job: (Creative, Art, Digital) Director (Graphic, Industrial, UX/UI) Designer in advertising agencies and brands (over 150 brands) Only after that, Creative innovation strategist. (Only for very large Projects) Or for kids. (Grown up without a religious) Professional Exertion: Sociology (Graduation) Martial Arts (Capoeira 10 years, Aikijitsu 2 years) Music (20 years) Caricature (6 years) Write (20 years) Plan for the near future: New educations - molecular biology, sound engineering, ninjitsu, free run. Algorithm design and social engineering. Epigenetic regulation for all vitality. Cooperation: Establish an R&D Center for poor and sceptical kids My big decentralized project: Inan Yilmaz Institute (IYI) Who am i for real astrologer? -14.02.1984 / 10:00 / Benghazi Who am i real kabalist? -Segula for Eyn Sof. ⚠️ I don’t have a religion. My paradise is my mind. Truth is not a book. 👇 To Follow My Multidisciplinary Philosophy