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President of Consistency 🤙 Certified Solutionary📜 Co-Host of Car Guy Coffee Podcast🎙☕️🚘 Subprime Finance Guru/Advocate🏦 Positive Mindset, Daily Growth😎 Trainer, Speaker, Motivation Leader, Fun Seeker🎤 US Air Force Veteran🇺🇸 Text Me “The Club” and your name to (321) FRED LOU for more inspiration 🙏🏻Forgive Focus Fly 🌱#KeepGrowing🌱 I Believe A Positive Mindset➕🧠Is Key To Daily Growth. Focusing On What You Have Control Over Will Evolve Your Life. 😃 A Husband, A Father, 19 Year Automotive Juggernaut, Co-Host Of The Fastest Growing Automotive Podcast, Car Guy Coffee ☕️ Connect With Me To Help Upshift And Uplift Your Your 🚘 Automotive Career. I Have 20 Years Of National Experience And A Network Of Solutionaries From The Automotive Industry And Beyond. Car Guy Coffee ☕️ Has Everything Your Dealership Or Your Personal Brand Is Needing. Make More Money💰, Have A More Balanced Life 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦☎️🖥⛳️, Smile More 😄 -Daily Quick Brew🖥 -Whiteboard Quote Of The Week👨‍🏫 -5 Liner Co-Creator 🎙 -C.O.N.S.I.S.T.E.N.T Method Co-Creator📝 -Featured On #Riseandgrind Morning Show Looking to Connect with people that are wanting to Upshift and Uplift theirs and others lives. Text Me - 270.872.9277 LinkedIn: @fredrickl FB: @subprimehero 🔆Be The Light