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πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’ Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Helping you improve your metabolism one simple step at a time through individualized holistic health solutions incorporating real food, mindset and lifestyle changes. πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’ Does your metabolism suck? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Want off the diet roller coaster? Do you wish there are simple solutions to get you healthier, smaller, and more energy? Do you want to be set free from the diet culture, overwhelm, and ever-changing health rules? I got you! Let’s go beyond the calorie and diet dogma and equip you to improve your metabolism and overall health, through simple changes to real food, mindset, and lifestyle. Proven tools that you can adapt to what your body needs right now. There’s no one right way or one size fits all approach. You are unique and your approach needs to be as unique as you. Hey, I’m Jolene a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and like you my metabolism sucked! I thought years of yo-yo dieting left me broken, sick, and feeling like I was never going to reach a healthy weight. It wasn’t until I started to learn how foods affect me did I find a path to a more efficient metabolism. Yes, you heard me, your metabolism isn’t broken, it just needs support to start working efficiently again. As we enter the over 50 crowd there is LOTS of pivoting, but there is no reason not to be our healthiest yet! I share all the tools, tips and my struggles in this stage of life. *Are you ready to be empowered to reclaim your health and supercharge your metabolism? *Are ready to toss out everything that has not worked for a plan with simple steps that will work? *Are you ready to face the fact there’s no magic pill or potion? *Are you ready for simple, actionable steps to get you there? Join me as we dive into a world of holistic health solutions tailored specifically for you on the Holistic Health Made Simple Podcast. Where I share all the tools, tips and my struggles in this stage of life. We'll unravel the mysteries of metabolism, exploring how even the smallest changes can make a big impact. Whether it's uncovering the power of nourishing foods, embracing rejuvenating self-care practices, or finding mindfulness in your daily routine, we've got you covered. πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’ I respond to Instagram DMs and email [email protected] πŸ‘‡ Let’s connect πŸ‘‡