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Larisa Harrington




DM me “FREE” for my free Clarity and Confidence course for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders (valued at $997) Burnout Recovery & Prevention Strategist | Holistic Life Coach | Yoga Therapist | Mindfulness Coach | Facilitator | Air Force Retiree I help purpose driven high-achievers relieve anxiety and overwhelm so they can make a bigger impact without burning out. 20+ years experience helping impact makers find peace 👉🏽I offer organizations: ✨ Corporate Wellness Workshops ✨ Executive Coaching ✨ Recurring Desk Yoga or Mindfulness Sessions for your organization or team ✨ Desk Yoga or Mindfulness Sessions for your conference or event DM me “TEAM” to learn more about how I help organizations prevent or recover from burnout 👉🏽I offer individuals: ✨ 1:1 Strategy, Coaching and Healing ✨ Group Burnout Prevention Program ✨ Group Clarity, Confidence, Purpose and Peace Program ✨ Trauma-Informed Yoga and Meditation DM me “PEACE” to learn about the daily meditations I offer to my community of high achieving impact makers I love: 🌿 Being in nature 🌅 Watching sunrises ✈️ Traveling 🍨 Eating gelato ☀️ Being warm 🐶 Animal rescues 💚 Helping others live their purpose