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Jacob Strachotta




Hypnotherapist, CEO @ HelloMind app – deeper than meditation Passionate about people.💕 Keynote Speaker: Hypnotherapy | consciousness | subconsciousness processes | episodical memory 👀 Hypnotherapist the last 25 years I help people change subconscious problems & compartmentalized feelings –like fear, phobias, comfort eating, bad habits, sleeping issues, rejection, anger, sorrow and more. ⚡️Ask me about a live Clubhouse de-stress or hypnosis session - or download my app, HelloMind, for a free 3 days - no signup needed. Either you like it or not and both are perfectly ok with me ;-) 
✨HelloMind App has been tested by Aarhus University Hospital, with significant and positive results.
In 2019, HelloMind was nominated for the Best Mental Health and the Best Consumer Wellness & Prevention awards by the Digital Health Awards of the University of California, San Francisco.
- Software development manager 
- Captain royal danish air force 
 Also: 👨‍👦Husband and father, loves gardening projects, running and entrepreneurship 📍 living the peaceful life on a small island in Denmark. Let’s connect! 👶 You can’t heal under a mask, wounds need air.