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There are songs you like but I don't. ..& there are songs I like but you won't. Yet here we are. Dancing anyway. ________ He / Him ____________________________________________ Miniaturist | Writer | Photographer | Animator | Traveller ____________________________________________ I create miniatures, music videos, stories & photographs.. Other times, I make money to buy a camper van & travel... & collect diaries, antiques & diecast car models. ____________________________________________ Instagram : @storyonwheels ____________________________________________ “The quest for love changes us. There is no seeker among those who search for love who has not matured on the way. The moment you start looking for love, you start to change within and without.” - Elif Shafak How often, do you fall in love & rise at the same time? My whole life has been a journey meant to end at that moment, and to start as well.. :)