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Darryll Stinson




Athlete | Suicide Survivor | 2 Million view TEDx Speaker | I help leaders turn their messsage into a movement| “DM “MOVEMENT” to start a conversation about how you can make a larger local and global impact from stage. 📺 TEDx talk 2 million+ views - 🧨 Turn your message into a movement 🤩OFFERS 🤩 1️⃣Get my help writing your next speech - DM “SPEECH” 2️⃣ Build a 6-7 figure speaking business - DM “SPEAK” 3️⃣Land and Leverage your TEDx Stage - DM “TEDX” ❤️MY STORY IN BULLET POINTS ❤️ 😤Teased for being a black kid that “acted white” 🥸Ditched my white friends to fit in with the black community. Lost my identity in the process. 🏈 Played D1 at CMU. 🤕 Had emergency back surgery 💊Got addicted to opioids 💔 Girlfriend of 4.5 years got engaged to another man WHILE we were dating + planning our wedding 👋🏾Attempted suicide multiple times ✝️Found Christ in a psychiatric unit. Everything changed. .... NOW I’M... 💍Married. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Sorry ladies 👧Girl dad x3 🏅Founder of Second Chance Athletes 🏅Influencing 10,000+ athletes 📚 Best-Selling author of Who Am I After Sports? 🎤 Speaker coach to athletes and high achievers who want to turn their message into a movement through TEDx talks and public speaking. ❤️ Pastor to highly successful entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers and influencers .... Been featured in a lot of news, know some straight up ballers and top experts/influencers, won community service and marketing awards... blah blah blah Hit the gram if we align. ✳️Clubhouse topics I enjoy ✳️ Entrepreneurship | Sports & Athletics | Mental Health | Mindset | Motivation | Faith | Public Speaking