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Stephanie Nielson




Certified speaker, trainer and professional coach, Stephanie Nielson strongly believes that it is her life’s purpose to “Prepare the path for others”. Her philosophy is that if she can do it, so can you! Creator of her online talk show Victory Lap, she developed this as a platform to have real talk with real people. A place to share the stories of our personal jouneys that highlight all the different ways that we can maximize our cruise control (comfort zones), power up our pit stops (growth zones) and celebrate our victories (anchor zones). The concept for Victory Lap was born out of an observation by her best friend that Stephanie herself spent too much of her time looking forward and not enough time celebrating the success that was right in front of her. Recognizing that if this is true for her, it was most likely true for many, she decided to do something about it. Being part of a male dominate family, cars are often a hot topic and car jargon is frequently used as metaphors for life. So when thinking of victories, it was natural for her to turn her attention to the racetrack and seeing this as a great platform for a talk show. It is Stephanie’s hope that Victory Lap will be a fun and inspiring venue to help others understand that none of us are every truly ready, that we all have different way of creating success and that the only thing that is holding us back is taking that first step… …and to continuously CELEBRATE!!