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Steven M. Hughes




Financial Therapist Helping people build better relationships with money, heal from financial trauma and shame + encourage people to do some shit different. 🌏 Nomad📍 Atlanta, GA Want to connect further?: ✉️: [email protected] 💵Host of Know Money club - increasing financial wellness (not just literacy) for us. #KnowMoneySteve ☸️Co-host of Energy Masterclass - sharing and learning about energy work and integrating practices into your life. **👀 Check Club descriptions for weekly calendar** 🗣Speaker ⚡️Usui Reiki Master-Teacher 👨🏾‍🎨Curriculum designer 🥙Veggie and seafood foodie 🐶ΩΨΦ #NoneGreater 🎓Nonprofit founder ( 🇯🇲 blood, 🇺🇸-born, Columbia, SC raised Download 28 daily wealth and wellness affirmations to charge your day⚡: 🖤 wanna bless me? Donate to our nonprofit at Studying: - financial psychology 🧠 - behavioral finance - homegrown food 🥬 👋🏾 (Originally) Joined Clubhouse to learn more about angel investing and supporting Black founders and founders of color. 🎶: Vibe Forever x K Camp 📚: Black Financial Culture x Michael G. Thomas 👋🏾Clubs *follow Know Money club (the green $) and Energy Masterclass club (purple flower) icons below!*