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Steve Connell




“creativity is limitless / It’s only limit is / How you limit it/ I refuse to say I’m limited/ So the closest I can get to telling you what I do is - I create.” I work at the intersection of language and performance without regard for format. Alive in my work is theater, spoken word, acting, hip hop, storytelling and stand up. My focus now is on telling better stories. Stories that move| inspire|connect| heal| transform the world. Current projects: Unfinished - a live/digital hybrid around the civil war (past and present so that it has no future) @killthepoets- new album coming soon Fluent- one man show that explores the stories we tell New podcast coming soon. #NOTPRESIDENT- 7 chapter juggernaut directed by @matthewlillard and on my website and YouTube now. New project with @sekouandrews Traditional bio: Steve Connell is an actor, poet, motivator, & transformative entertainer whose live performances are as dynamic as the words he delivers. With private performances for President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, & Norman Lear, amongst others, his work has been seen on ABC, HBO, MTV, and performed live at Sundance, Kennedy Center, & The White House. Corporate giants like ADP, Nike, Pioneer, & Gap Inc. are among the many companies amazed by Steve’s ability to create & impact with immersive multimedia performances. Steve’s last major work, Transit Space, created w/Diavolo Dance Theater, toured the world in two languages, and he is now hard at work developing his newest show, Unfinished, about the Civil War. His celebrated poem “We Are The Lions” has 10+ million views & was performed at the UN; his first short film, “the universe is chewing”, was awarded a 2019 Best Shorts Humanitarian Award; he is currently in the studio working with his band Kill The Poets on their debut album. @45lies @killthepoets Venmo @ Steve-Connell-2