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Mindfulness Meditation & Body Language Expert, Speaker 🎭 TV/Film/Theatre Actress, Award winning 🙏 Highly-Rated Insight Timer (app) Meditation Teacher (13k followers) 😂 Guest Laughing Expert on a Chopra show. FREE: 🌹 DM me to get a FREE “10 MIN CHILL” MEDITATION that will relax your body and turn off that spinning mind. 😊🙏 MODERATING on CH: ᴹᴱᴰᴵᵀᴬᵀᴵᴼᴺ ᴿᴼᴼᴹ ᶜˡᵘᵇ 🔴 THURSDAYS 12noon PST – GUIDED MEDITATION - various themes ᔆᵀᴿᴬᵀᴱᴳᴵᶜ ᴹᴵᴺᴰᶠᵁᴸᴺᴱᔆᔆ ᶜˡᵘᵇ 🔴 VARIOUS DAYS: – Many Offerings N E E D A K E Y N O T E S P E A K E R? Contact me: [email protected] and let’s chat. Topics Include: Stress Reduction, Increase Productivity, Hone Performance Skills I CAN HELP YOU : 🛠 REWIRE NEGATIVE Thinking & Self-Judgments & other Unhelpful Habit Patterns - including ANXIETY 🥑 CHANGE your Relationship to FOOD & EATING 👍 Learn how your BODY LANGUAGE Affects your Thoughts & Feelings 😇 REDUCE STRESS 🎵 IMPROVE PERFORMANCE 😊 Find FUN-yet-Effective & PRACTICAL STRATEGIES for Daily Challenges 🍎 Create a Comfortable, Aligned, and more Agile Body & Mind MEDITATION SCIENCE : 🙏 HARVARD BRAIN STUDY (taught + had brain studied) 🙏 CARNEGIE MELLON STRESS REDUCTION STUDY 🙏 SHINZEN YOUNG (master meditation teacher, mentor, friend & associate) ACTING : 🎭 TV MOM (actress on commercials, films, and TV shows) for over 30 years 🎭 MFA from the Yale School of Drama 🎭 Award winning (Best Actress at Bev Hills Film Festival) 🎭 IMDB: 🎭 ACTING SITE: CAUSES in my HEART: ❤️ SERVICE ~ NIPUN MEHTA ❤️ ANIMAL RIGHTS & RESCUES ❤️ EATING HEALTHY for your BODIES & the PLANET ❤️ NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION ❤️ LET’S REDEFINE AGING ————— BITCLOUT @stephanienashcoach TEACH/SPEAK: ACTING: