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Steph Martinez




Journalist | Periodista | Dog lover 🐶 | Speak perfect Spanglish Emmy Award-Winning Reporter 🎤 and creator of News Quickies 🔝 Teaching the ins and outs of content creation. Tips and tricks to shoot videos, interview effectively, look confident on camera & pitch to the media. ➡️ Learn more about video creation: 🔹 Website: 🔹 Digital crash course: NewsQuickies®: A no-B.S. news outlet with a hint of personality (in English and Spanish). A new kind of news. No big words, straight to the point. 🚨How can I help you? Find me here 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 🚩YouTube : 🌎 Web : 📩 Email : [email protected] 💜Instagram : @stephmnews ➡️ DM me for: 🎤 Advice on the industry 🎥 Advice on content creation 👊 Collabs/partnerships 🐶 Animal justice 💜 Just to chat! Let’s connect on INSTA! ⬇️