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Stephanie Zuure




🌍 Changing the definition of work 👉🏻 Building a hiring matchmaking platform for mission-driven people and businesses by starting with the human to realize more sustainable work relationships. Follow or DM me to connect over empowering people to live and give their full potential. 🙌🏻 💫 Building connections in the start-up world 👉🏻 Chief network community in 🇳🇱 // KULA - a community for personal and business growth Room host: 👋🏼💫 🌍 In “Me, Others, The World” with Jasper Mutsaerts we discuss how these elements in your life can help you live and give your full potential + inspiring guest speakers! Every Wednesday at 8PM CET Into continuous learning🚀, personal development, sustainability🌱 and social impact, painting, analog photography, running and love for music 🤩 📍Amsterdam and connected with the 🌍 Previous career adventures: 🌱Sustainability/ Research + Comms 📍Kuala Lumpur & Amsterdam 👩🏼‍🎤Strategy + Business Development for creative agencies 📍 London, NYC & Amsterdam 🤲🏼 Aid & Development 📍Nairobi 👩🏼‍🎓Masters @ Goldsmiths University of London 📚Highschool 📍Georgia, US 🏫 Highschool 📍Netherlands