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Stephanie Ward




Business & Marketing Mentor for Business Owners and Meaningpreneurs 🚀 I can help you transform your business for more ease, fulfillment, and profit. Meaningpreneurs are business owners and entrepreneurs who do work they find meaningful, work that makes a difference for their clients. 💗 That’s what I started my business, Firefly Coaching, in 2002. To do meaningful work. Are you a Meaningpreneur too? Come join my Club —> Meaningpreneurs I love helping passionate business owners discover how to market their businesses and connect with more of their ideal clients in a way that feels right for them. What lights me up the most 💥is coming up with unique ideas 💡for my clients that support them in reaching their goals on their terms. I’m a nature-loving Okie (from Tulsa, Oklahoma) 🇺🇸 who has lived in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 since 1999 (Dutch Love). If you want to connect with more of your ideal clients, get a copy of my Free Special Report, 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time at ➡️ 🚀 Or I’ll handle it for you. Just send me a DM on IG (link below) with the words Free Report along with your best email address and I’ll make sure you receive it. ⚡️ Also interested in Equality, Social Justice, Doughnut Economics, Nature, Microlending, Loving What Is, Business Models, Idea Generation, Meditation, Connection, Travel, Compassion, Podcasts, Voice, Global Living, Expat Life, and Curation. Is there something I can help you with? Let’s connect. 💗 🚀 🖥 YouTube - 🎧 Meaningpreneur Podcast p.s. All tips about where to find the best tacos 🌮 globally are welcome.