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👉🏻 on here periodically (I keep it flexible 🙃) My lane is the beautybiz 👄 4x founder with 1 exit💥 Serial entrepreneur 19yrs in Dreaming, building, and growing a beauty tech biz @mymatchable 📱 My current roles: Founder Talent Match™ 🌟 Founder Matchable™ 🖤 with my work wife co- founder @jen-baudier 😍 My past roles: Salon Colab™ Salon Owner 💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️ 🧖‍♀️ (exited) Executive Director of Salons for Aveda 🌱 I think big 💭 Ask questions 🙋🏻‍♀️ Listen with intention 👂🏼 My real job is momma to two amazing little boys. Everything ☝🏼there is just my side hustle 💙 💚 #mamapreneur LOVER OF inspirational quotes 🖊 coffee ☕️ 👄 filler and botox 💉 Columbus Ohio is where I call 🏡_____________________________________ My passions 👇🏼 💫 I’m focused on helping salon owners recruit more talent to scale their brands. 💫 I’m obsessed with helping salon owners grow profitable salons! 💫I dream about helping stylists build their perfect careers! 💫 I’m dedicated to being a servant leader. My EXPERTISE: ⭐️ salon recruitment ⭐️ salon growth ⭐️ team building ⭐️ people connecting ⭐️ collaboration ⭐️ data collection I love facts and research 🎤 ______________________________________ What we do at Talent Match™ & Matchable ™ Help salon leaders build salons that ✅ They love ❤️ ✅ Are filled with teams that are a culture fit ✅ Are higher performing 💰 Help hair stylists understand how to: ✅ find a salon they’ll love ❤️ ✅ be higher performing 💰 ✅ Surround themselves with bomb a** people ⭕️ Help hair clients: ✅ find a hairdresser they’ll love ❤️ ✅ aka: best at the service they need ‘Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It is your masterpiece after all.’ unknown Lets connect 🤍 ____________________________________ Follow me on IG for inspiration, beauty biz ideas, and leadership ideas! 📣 Join the conversation on here to talk about all things salon building, staff recruiting, leading, and beauty industry disruption. Message me on Instagram to connect personally @stef_fox 🦊 _________________________________