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Nicole Leverett




Creative Product, Beverage & Food Photographer. Multi faceted graphic designer turned photographer, passionate about creating captivating images and teaching others how to do the same! New Jersey native, wife, dog mom, bonus mom, daughter, sister obsessed with good food, a good workout, and good images. Connect with me: 🔹Instagram: @staynfocusimages 🔹TikTok: @staynfocusimages 🔹Email: [email protected] 🔹Glass: @staynfocus 🔹Website: 🔹Food Photography Guide: For cocktail enthusiasts, new Mixology Monday blog post every Monday including recipes, videos and pictures: Grab my Bite Sized Guide For Better Food Photography! This six course comprehensive digital guide is designed to improve your food and beverage photography based on science, tried & true concepts and professional techniques. Enter FBS at checkout for discount ☺️ 📍NJ | PA | NY